M&K Advertising is a 360o Marketing Communications agency that helps challenger brands across various industries.
We do not work with market leaders by choice.
We excel with brands that want to challenge the status quo in the sectors of Pharma, Health, Wellness, Education, Lifestyle, Tourism and FMCG.


To become the most trusted brand evangelists for our clients. They should have complete faith in our work, because of the extra-ordinary results we help them achieve. M&K should be acknowledged as a trusted partner who helps them in their journey of being challengers today, to being market leaders tomorrow!


We are driven to become India’s No. 1 challenger evangelists by the year 2025. We will achieve this through:

  • Helping our brands to cut through the clutter online as well as offline
  • Handholding our brands for category dominance, by repeatedly producing the most creatively engaging campaigns

Our Core Values

  • Our Promises Are Our Bond – When we commit to do something. We do it. No excuses.
  • We Encourage Innovation – we actually take pride in innovating and every member is encouraged to think different.
  • We Strive For Excellence – We detest half hearted approaches. Every idea needs to be perfect from thought to execution.
  • Our People Are Our strength – We like to hire people from diverse backgrounds and culture. This gives us the absolute edge in our thinking.
  • Attitude Of Gratitude – We are thankful for every opportunity that comes our way.

What Drives Us?

  • Our brands being chosen over other options
  • People remembering our work and speaking about it
  • Our brands becoming markedly bigger than what they were yesterday